Pre-Construction Services

With over 30 years of experience, Boyle Construction Management Inc. provides invaluable Pre-Construction Services to both longstanding and new clients. Our extensive expertise is a crucial asset throughout the construction process, from meticulous site evaluations to collaborative work with design professionals. Project planning, including detailed assessments of project phasing, scheduling, budgets, and value engineering, is a central focus. Early identification of the critical path ensures adherence to budget and timelines. Whether you’re a first-time client or have a three-decade history with us, BCMI guarantees a seamless and professional pre-construction experience, setting the stage for success in every project.


Design/Build is an accelerated, budget-friendly process where BCMI works directly with the design team and the owner to provide the greatest price and time-frame. Design/Build promotes a collaborative and teamwork environment that benefits both the contractor and the owner by creating a relationship from early involvement.


We use our years of experience to help our clients bring a project to life. The Pre-Construction / Estimating process helps make sure that the client’s budget and schedule are in sync. Our extensive database of contractors and suppliers allows us to create a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis for the client, while also discussing design decisions, evaluations, and value engineering.

Blue Prints

General Contracting

Benefits of our general contracting services include on-site project management, highly trusted subcontractors, and our 28 years of experience. We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers.  More than half of our clients have returned to us for repeat projects. 

Construction Management

Our Construction Management process engages our wide use of technology to streamline the communication required for complex projects. From our PM Software System, to document management and reporting, we ensure all parties have the information they need to complete a successful project.