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“It’s not what BCMI will do, it’s how BCMI will do it.”

Boyle Construction Management Inc. can serve as a consultant by sharing our years of experience and a wealth of knowledge by drawing on our extensive construction and administrative resources. We look at everything from budget and schedule, to safety and the environment in order to better understand your business goals and to translate them into a construction program that is tailored to meet your specific project needs. We adhere to the highest level of ethical standards and provide leadership and expertise to all our clients.


At BCMI, we use our years of experience to help the client and their team bring a project to fruition during the preconstruction process. Our extensive database of contractors, suppliers, and material cost allows us to create a comprehensive cost analysis to allow the client understand the actual cost of their proposed project. Our preconstruction department is a team of dedicated, trained professionals who seek out creative solutions to solve client's building challenges.

The Design/Build Process

In a design/build arrangement, BCMI works with the client’s team to design and build their project. BCMI will seek out and hire the best civil engineer, architect and engineering firms that are best suited for the type of project that lies ahead. In a Design/Build arrangement, the owner has a single point of contact with the BCMI to which the project parameters and objectives are outlined. The owner benefits from the early involvement of both the contractor and design team in various stages of the cost estimate so the value engineering, subcontractor and supplier input can be utilized to create a substantial job cost report.

General Contracting

BCMI strives to deliver a successful, high quality, budget and schedule driven projects for the owner. As such, projects can be very complex and emotional. Paying close, continuous attention to every detail is what sets BCMI apart from our competition. As a general contractor, BCMI is responsible to the owner to complete their project in a timely manner while producing high quality results in order to maintain a relationship with the client.

Construction Management

At BCMI, identifying and controlling risk is one of the main concerns expressed by our clients. Here, the construction manager takes on very little risk and primarily acts as an owner's agent with all project costs reimbursable and fully to the account of the owner. In this way, the construction manager acts as the owner’s agent. The construction manager provides preconstruction services, course of construction services and post-construction services depending on contractual scope.

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Celebrating our 25th corporate anniversary in 2019, Boyle Construction Management Inc. specializes in Preconstruction/Estimating, Design/Build, General Contracting & Construction Management

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